M.J. Design/Build is a custom home builder in the Omaha area. Our goal is to make your home building experience a pleasant one. Here are a few stories from 'home'.

Excellent work merits recognition

“Dear Future Home Builder,

We had the pleasure of working with Jodi Jackson, Jody Marker, and Dave Huston of MJ Design in 2016.  They are outstanding professionals.
We met with roughly a dozen home builders and walked through 30 or so models before deciding on MJ Design. We are thoroughly impressed with the quality of their workmanship, professionalism, and integrity.
MJ design went above and beyond to ensure that our home was indeed the home we dreamed of. "

   Kevin & Amy

Love Home
I am loving my new home! Working with Dave is an absolute pleasure. He has been great to work with. You have a good team in place and it shows in the quality of homes you build."

New Floor Plan

"We first learned about M.J. Design/Build when we visited one their model homes. Jodi was very nice and asked us a lot of questions and answered our questions. She didn’t pressure us at all. We got a warm feeling from the get-go.

Both Jody and Jodi are great. I didn’t think we would actually get to meet with the architect but we did. I thought I would hear, “We can’t do this for you, etc.” But Jody was very accommodating. Essentially, they created a floor plan for us. There were things we liked about one of their floor plans and things we liked about another, so they took half of one and combined it with the other so we could get exactly what we wanted.

I was very nervous when we decided to build another house because I’m very particular. It’s a nerve wracking experience.  But I heard good things from contractors about Jody’s demeanor and integrity.

We changed our minds on a lot of things but they never once seemed irritated. Jodi would say, “You need to like what you like because you have to live in it.” Those things were very appealing to us up front.

I could probably talk all day about M.J. There were just so many things, including  service after the sale. They made everything right even after the warranty expired because they wanted us to be happy.  I’ve referred a number of people and will continue to speak highly of them.

We are very happy.
    Corie and Maureen C.


"We came into this experience without knowing anything about builders. A lot of why we chose M.J. Design had to do with personality. Their price point was good but they were friendlier and more personable than other builders. We felt comfortable with them.

They listened to everything we talked about and took it seriously. Any changes we had, they listened to us and after hearing our reasoning, they did it. You could tell that Jody and Jodi genuinely cared. We honestly had no problems - if we had any issue - they were here like Johnny on the spot. They were just so pleasant and easy to work with.

We’re both very pleased by the good workmanship. In fact we saw a house under construction by a different builder in our neighborhood and no way did it compare to the construction quality of M.J. Design
. M.J. Design and Build made it a pleasant experience. They really, really did.
We would highly recommend them to any person."

   Pat and John
   Portal Ridge

Awesome Home
"We wanted you to know how much we appreciate all you’ve done for us in helping create and build our dream/retirement home. Your enthusiasm, professionalism and willingness to work with us through changes (I know we were a pain at times) were evident throughout the entire process. This experience was exciting and enjoyable.

Along with that, the craftsmanship is absolutely impressive. We have an awesome home. Thanks to you both, along with Dave - you have a incredible team. I’ve also passed your name along to friends looking to build a home. I highly recommend your company.
   Lonnie & Melissa

Happy Camper
"There’s not a happier camper in the world than I am about M.J. Design/Build building my house.

I had been working with another realtor but when I wanted to make changes to the design to make the house handicapped accessible, they rebelled. I wanted to make sure I had 36” doors and wide halls and so forth but the realtor said, “This is what we build, this is what you buy.” I went looking for someone else.

When I talked to Jody, he said, 'WE can do that! You can design your own and we’ll make it work.' So that’s what I did and it came out absolutely perfect.  They gave me designs they work with and I changed them drastically.

I am very pleased with the workmanship and the contractors they use. The fact that ALL my neighbors have had issues with the dirt sinking after the water line and sewer line were put in but I don’t because of how the contractor that Jody used compacted the dirt is just fantastic.

It’s those little things that you don’t think about when you’re building that Jodi and Jody took care of. Thanks, M.J. Design/Build!

   Lonnie T.
   LaVista, NE